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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wbal news tonight. >> a man is behind bars accused of having sex with two teenagers. that is our big story tonight. good evening, everybody. brandon sukeforth has been arrested. police believe there are more victims. they have some advice for parents. we are live in towson with more on the big story. >> police say the suspect that one of the teams on facebook and another in an on-line chat room. it is an example that highlights the importance of knowing how your kids are using social media and who they are talking to online. >> social media is part of our life today. it is not a bad thing. like any other tool, from the telephone to the automobile, can be misused. >> that appears to be the case
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in the sexual abuse of two tiers. he used a facebook profile to -- chat with one victim and the e- mail account he told his 13-year-old and 14- year-old the dams that he was 17 and 19. he was 32 during the encounter. one parent believed her child was engaged after she found suspicious messages and phone calls. that is when she contacted police. she did the right thing by knowing what her son was up to. >> the lesson that can be learned is the importance of parents being involved with their kids and knowing what they are doing on the internet. >> there is a fine line between being an attentive parent and being too invasive. she encourages parents with talking to their kids about sprinter's online. >> parents are aware of who they are fretting.
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-- friending. -- take them on what to do. >> the man is still behind bars. he is charged with sexually soliciting a minor and perverted practice. we reached out to relatives but did not have anyone answer our calls. because police think there may be other victims, they are asking anyone with information call the county police department. we are live at police headquarters. a man who was convicted of sexually abusing a minor in 1999 will now go to prison for possessing child porn. the 47-year-old was sentenced to 10 years in prison. investigators found more than 600 files of child porn on his computer, including some nichol "sadistic." he said he thought he had erased the material.
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they may consider pursuing the death penalty against a man charged of killing his wife. he is also suspected in the death of his stepson. the boy's body was found in a wooded area yesterday. last week, the boy's mother was found beaten and stabbed to death at her condo. we are now awaiting autopsy results to determine how the boy died. a domestic stabbing sent one man to the hospital and his girlfriend behind bars. baltimore county police say the 22-year-old, samantha, stabbed her boyfriend around 11:0030 last night. the victim is expected to survive. she is charged with assault and remained behind bars. we continue to follow a bizarre and baffling case. two bodies found at the bottom of a downtown trash chute within 14 months of each other. the first body was found in
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august last year, this sunday, police found the body of 23- year-old emily hauze. we have reaction. >> we are told that emily hauze's autopsy is done. police are not saying much about her case. the father of the man found dead last year says it is hard for him to believe the two cases are merely a coincidence. the first time, a body was discovered at the bottom of a trash chute at the park charles apartments. a resident was found in the trash bin. police said he fell down and went through the trash compactor. while they ruled that he died of multiple injuries and his manner of death was undetermined, baltimore city police declared it an accident. we spoke with the man's father this afternoon. he said the family never believed the death was accidental. he said it was hard for us to
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understand how it could have been an accident. we were under the opinion it was foul play. we had no way to prove that. his father said he was shocked to hear about another death at the apartment building with similar circumstances. emily hauze was found sunday morning at the bottom of a trash chute. with the exception of the location, they have found no link between the two cases. a resident invited us inside to take a look at the trash chutes on each floor. there is alatch and a small heavy door. >> it would be hard to fall inside it. >> it is hard for anyone to accidentally fall in it. it would take some effort. >> the man's father tells me he hopes the death will initiate what he calls a more critical look at his son's case. we should mention that the park
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charles apartments is owned by a company out of virginia. they are still waiting for more information. reporting live. federal officials have filed an $8 million lawsuit against a hospital. the suit alleges that the rehabilitation center collected insurance money from medicare, medicaid, and other carriers. the lawsuit is seeking $1.60 million for each false claim. an official with the hospital system says efforts are underway to resolve the case. a colleague of a state senator took the witness stand in the trial against him. he called the man a modest person and a good of legislature. former executives also testified about letters they sent to the corporate office. one was a aboutcurry's employment with the con -- company. another suggested he help with a
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traffic light. he is accused of taking bribes in exchange for legislative favors. the allegations has the group common cause maryland calls in for quick got -- calling for greater transparency. the group road, "the curry trial demonstrates the need to shine a light on public finances. making this information available on the internet is the best way to empower people to hold their elected officials more accountable." the dust is beginning to settle after last night's gop debate? did he did exchanges affect the race? -- the heated exchanges affect the race? >> i want to give the american people a big old helping of truth. >> governor perry is still talking texas tough. >> mitt, you lose all of your
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standing. >> his attack on mitt romney left perry supporters sang, finally. >> you did not tell the truth. >> he forced a rare romney error. the front-runner explaining why he got rid of a lawn care company that hired illegal immigrants. >> you cannot have any illegals running -- berken on our property. >> not because it is wrong, because romney said he is running. >> can conservatives pressed him to fulfil the position? does he believe in anything or his seat and opportunist -- or is he an opportunist? >> 84% of americans would pay more taxes under his plan. >> that is not true. >> keane got great news today. 30%, cain is pulling first in
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south carolina. with a 32%, polling first in florida, tied with romney and far ahead of perry. last night was so fiery. the race seemed sure to reshuffle again. rights today, the president and first lady announced a new initiative to help veterans find jobs. the partnership was introduced at a military base in virginia. today, the group of manufacturers has pledged to hire 25,000 veterans by 2013. at 11.7%, the unemployment rate amongst of veterans is higher than the national average. the president jobs at also includes tax credits for companies that hire unemployed but rand. an estimated 55 million americans receive social security tax will -- checks will
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be getting a raise. >> good news. when is it supposed to happen? right away, i hope. >> starting in january, benefits will grow 3.5%. despite soaring medical costs, there has been no cost of living increase since 2009. it is a situation that has forced seniors to make tough choices. >> seniors count on social security for all of their income. for them, it is critical. every dollar counts. >> as the congressional super committee looks to slash the budget, it is unclear if the increase will be reconsidered. the governor is expected to hold a bill signing ceremony tomorrow after the house passed his congressional redistricting. every republican plus five democrats voted against the measure. the map is designed to oust a
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republican congressman in western maryland. the map keep 70% of residents in their current districts. the bill now heads back to the senate for approval of topographical corrections made in the house version. the final prosecution witness took the stand against the trial -- for the trial against michael jackson's doctor. and lindsey low and studded looking like a million bucks. you will see by she was escorted out. we will tell you another reason why wild animals belong in the wilderness. >> more rain moving through the atlantic. there is a trend along the way. some strong winds. right now, the warmest it has been all day.
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investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started in northwest baltimore. flames broke out in an apartment building about 6:00 tonight. officials say the building was vacant. there were no reports of any injuries. investigators believe they have found the source of listeria that killed 25. equipment in the processing and packaging centers tested positive for listeria. cantaloupe in the field tested ne-geative. it was packed using equipment that was contaminated. it is the deadliest food borne
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outbreak. 50 wild animals are dead after the owner of a park threw open their cages and committed suicide. they said it was like noah's ark. as reporter andy reports, residents hit indoors. >> 38 animals were doomed the moment there owner set them free tuesday night. as frantic calls started coming in. >> there is a line. >> that these new it was kill or be killed. >> they were showing aggressive behavior. >> the animals included wolves, like lions, bears, monkeys, leopards, and what heard the most, 18 bengal tigers, and endangered species. >> he had eight in the tigers'
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running around. -- 18 bengal tigers running around. >> there was no safe way to round up the animals. >> i know folks are going to go nuts. the sheriff did the right thing. >> the farm owner had plenty of complaints over the last decade including animal cruelty. after he set them free, he disabled their cages so they could not be used again, and then he committed suicide. >> he felt like he did not need to live any longer. it is sad. >> authorities say they never found a suicide note. we may never know for sure if releasing the animals was his final act of kindness or cruelty. lindsey lohan left a courtroom in handcuffs after a judge found she violated her probation. it is the same judge who
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sentenced her last may for stealing a necklace. today, the judge said she was thought progressing towards completing that sentence. >> a year is a generous amount of time. the way i can count, she got 57 out of those 60 days left to do. i am revoking her probation pending a hearing. i am also setting bail at $100,000. >> she was released from custody. she is a cold back in court november 2. after a six day hiatus, the trial of doctor murray was completed today. a doctor told jurors that a lack of proper medical equipment and the absence of medical notes were factors in michael jackson 's debt. he also said murray was acting more like an employee then a physician. what i tell patients what i am going to do.
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>> i tell patients what i'm going to do. i want people to understand that when they are given these drugs by people who know what they are doing, they are a good drug. they can be safe. >> the defense is expected to begin calling its witnesses on friday. among them, one of the doctors colleagues. >> now, your weather forecast. showers have not given up just yet. in a couple of hours and the rain will be done. a clearing pattern will begin moving in to be nice fall weather on the other side. there are still showers statewide. you can see some lightning strikes shown up. the thunderstorms across the southern part of the day. the potential is still there. we are hearing the thunder. temperatures warming this evening. that keeps the threat of undergoing. plenty of clouds and rain,
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sending back to chicago. all of this will be lifting north to canada over the next 24 hours. it is a storm system going all the way back to chicago and new england. strong and the low pressure producing the showers. rainfall totals so far today have been fairly heavy, write to the west of baltimore city. in this area, upwards of an inch or more. another band cuts across the lower and the lower eastern shore. western maryland has the latest amounts. just a trace. here in town, 74 hundredths of an inch. those are the current temperatures outside. the temperatures have been going up. not enough rain to cause flooding. the tides are above normal. default-bang warning. up above -- a flood warning. the tide is not moving up well
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tonight. high tide above normal. it is still 73 in downtown baltimore. a hint of cooler air coming up from the south. monterey, virginia at 49 degrees. that is coming in from the south and west. as the storm the parts, a breeze will tap into some cooler air. by sunrise, some of the suburbs may be down in the 40's, 50's. mostly cloudy skies developing. that wind is going to increase because this storm center is consolidating into one system, pressures are falling. it is a deep and intense storm system. very large right now. as it pulls away, high pressure fills in behind it. the winner will get strong tomorrow. you can see the way the cool air is wrapping in around it. while it is 71 in baltimore, 45 in cincinnati. as far south as atlanta, georgia it is 47 degrees. the cool air will come up from the southwest. temperatures will get back to
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normal for the next few days. western maryland might see some what snow tomorrow night and friday. over the weekend, high pressure will take control. all of maryland will enjoy sunshine for the weekend. dry weather tomorrow. thus become the southwest winds. temperatures in the 60's. on the day, gusts to 25 knots. debitors are going down. 44 a high. -- temperatures are going down. 40 for a high. it is going to be a windy day tomorrow. temperatures in the 60's for the next few days. down to the coast, a lot of sunshine. winds up to 40 miles per hour. windy, but grier tomorrow. partly cloudy friday. sunshine for the weekend. highs in the low 60's. the ravens have a chance to accomplish something this week
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home performance with energy star. get started at , now 11 sports. >> the jet wires are 1-5 -- the jet wires -- jaguars are 1-5. the play of the defense this season has started to draw some
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comparisons to the 2000 reagan's defense. ray and players do not care to play that game. they do -- ravens players do not care to play that game. they do like their chances of this weekend. rookies, as a rule of thumb, do not fare well against the complexities the ravens can throw at them. >> you just know that you can take advantage of the package you run. stuff like that. he just does not have the experience the other guys have. he is a first round pick. he was picked for a reason. he has a big on. >> at the world series under way in the st. louis. living up to expectations. two evenly matched teams. game one goes to the home team. st. louis when it 3-1. pick up the action, fourth inning.
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single down the right-field line. pujols comes in to score. it is 2-0 cardinals. the home crowd going nuts. the rangers come back. swing, and watch it go. 2 run homerun. it is quiet. larusa with the move of the game. he squeezes a hit. comes in to score the go ahead run. st. louis, 10 games out of first, now has a one game lead in the world series. 3-2 tonight. the orioles have not had a winning season for 14 years. they continued to search for the next general manager. they introduced a search team that includes the owner and manager.
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they and -- interviewed the toronto blue jays manager. he has spent the nine -- last nine seasons in the toronto organization. the countdown towards a cancellation of more nba games. team owners have gone to a negotiant scandal that resembles a full-court press. a federal mediator in new york. 24 hours in a 32 hour window. without a deal, they will likely have to cancel more games. they have already canceled two weeks of games. it will cost players in lost salaries. any business person can understand the need for an organization protecting its trademark. noted dame has dented its own image by trying to protect its logo. they have informed a high school in kansas that they must stop using the same logo as noted in. the irish come off looking more like a cold business people.
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a tornado leveled the high school three years ago. they reopened the rebuilt school 10 months ago. now the high school will have to incur the cost of replacing all of its athletic uniforms that have the logo on it. the motto is, life, sweetness, hope. the sweetness part, seems debatable. >> well put. stay with us.
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tried to get this rain moved off. >> the countdown is on. winds will be shifting to the southwest. interesting, this storm, it is clear to our south and west. chilly air coming from the mountains in west virginia. it will drop us below normal for highs on friday, saturday, sunday. los 60's. nice sunshine expected. a sprinkle on monday. the next event of rain hold off until wednesday of next week. it will be very nice. a little when the tomorrow. >> that is it for us this evening. thank you for joining us. have a good night.
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